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Artdels Enterprises or started as a little home design studio in 2000. The company was registered with the Department of Trade and Industry, Philippines on April 23, 2004. DTI Reg. Cert. No. 00351317.

Artdels Enterprises ( specializes in decal printing of gift and novelty items such as mugs, plates and other ceramics and glasswares. It also offers simple and affordable graphic and web design. has designed souvenir programs for the A. American Baseball Little League, music album cover and labels for the Saturday Choir; greeting cards, decal printed mugs and websites for the Sarmiento Heritage Foundation, Inc. and the Municipality of Agno, Pangasinan, Philippines. Artdels has also online stores such as: Sarmart.Net. specializes in decal printing of mugs, plates, other ceramics and glasswares, graphic & website designs. Please contact the Manager, Artdels Enterprises - cellphone: 0917-462-7582 or e-mail address: Any inquiry, please send your e-mail at
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